VET Experience for Life

VET Experience for Life

This project is a mobility platform of the First technical school Tesla and an instrument for achieving long term educational goals.
Many of the goals are at the same time components of our strategy of internationalization.

Mobilities will allow us to continuously improve on many levels. By cooperating with our partners, we will make it easier for our students to attain practical experience (through work in school workshops or companies) which is very important for labour market. Teachers will be able to work on their professional training (electrical and mechanical engineering, other classes) by directly observing educational or professional activities at the companies and by transferring good practices and gaining knowledge about mobilities (if our EU team is concerned). Our teachers will be more proficient in their work and will be able to modernize their classes, and our students will be more motivated for further formal or informal education in order to better adapt for labour market. Learning outcomes will be implemented in school’s curricula.

Our partners

In Finland, our students will work at Tampere college workshops where they will learn welding and CNC machining, and teachers will get to implement new experience about Finnish educational system

In Malta, MCAST college will host our students in workshops (automotive industry, welding) and we are delighted to be cooperating with rather big and organised Erasmus+ team.

In Italy, we will be at the Olivetti Institute where our students will work at workshops (learning electronics) and in their 3D printing laboratory. Teachers will get to know state of the art didactical tools and digital learning platforms.

In Germany, KWVD organisation will allow students and teachers access to various private companies in Frankfurt and its vicinity so that they can get familiar with competences that modern companies seek.

In Ireland we will send a group of students to work in the Newpark school’s workshops for the first week, and in the second week students will go to local company where they will learn how to work with new technologies (electro erosion machining device which is rather rare in Croatia).

Project benefits

Cooperation with colleagues and peers throughout the Europe and involvement in multicultural environment will contribute to increase of tolerance to different cultures, and by choosing the participating students which have fewer opportunities we will enable them to more easily continue their post-educational part of life.
Expected results will be visible on multiple levels. Project will increase attractiveness of our school for future students. It will also increase our chances for getting VET charter and will define our school as a place of quality mobilities and international cooperation. Mobilities will bring our students new competences, strengthen their team spirit and add European dimension to their personal development. Teachers will, by participating in this project, work on their professional development by which they will make their own classes and lesson plans more modern, interesting and more actual.

Project coordinator: Zvonimir Petković


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Dnevnici rada

Ivrea - (05. - 19.02.2017.)

Frankfurt (14.05. - 27.05.2017.)

Paola, Malta (16.10.2017. - 29.10.2017.)

Tampere, Finska (04.02.2018. - 17.02.2018.)

Frankfurt (15.04.2018. – 28.04.2018.) 

Dublin, Irska (16.09.2018. - 29.09.2018.) 

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